Thankful for Words

For Americans, next week is Thanksgiving, a day when we express our gratitude for the people and comforts in our lives, typically celebrated with a feast, a symbol of bounty and sharing what we have with others.

But what other bounties do we celebrate? Beyond food, I'm grateful for shelter and clothing. Health and wealth (or at least enough to survive comfortably). These are the concrete or physical, measurable things that often spring to mind when I consider what I'm thankful for. There are also less tangible things that impact my happiness like friendship, family, and freedom. Like love and opportunities for laughter. Even tears and the sad times that remind me to appreciate the good times.

Reading Nook (from

Today, I’m going to pick a few things to be thankful for that might be a little less obvious.


The ability to express thoughts and emotions, to communicate and connect.

Literacy, which some people take for granted, and the gift of receiving other people's messages through the written word.

As a writer and a reader, there is a bounty of words upon which I feast daily. And there's plenty for everyone. (Calorie-free!) I'm always happy to share.

When it comes to words, what better way to celebrate our gratitude than to read? What are you reading this week?


jean harrington said…
Anne Marie, This week I'm reading interview questions for a slot on the International Thriller Writers Magazine. The ITW is a wonderful venue for writers of all segments of the genre--thrillers, suspense, spy, mystery stories and for that I am very grateful.

Also kudos to you for managing this blog post for those of us who do write mystery novels. And those are not just words!
Elise Warner said…
I realized I had never read Jane Eyre though I saw the film many years ago and bought a copy from B&N. the words live on. Also into researching for another article.
Jean, oh wow! I'm a member of ITW and will have to check out your interview when it comes out! Keep us posted. :)
I love to revisit the classics, Elise. I have a copy of the Count of Monte Cristo that I want to read. I love the movie. Alas, the book is so darn long. LOL Some day...
Julie Moffett said…
Wonderful post, Anne Marie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

I'm currently reading Toni Anderson's new book, Cold Light of Day. It's a fabulous romantic suspense. :)
Thank you, Julie, and happy Thanksgiving to you, too!! I've heard about that Toni Anderson author and that she writes some fabulous RS! ;)
Toni Anderson said…
Happy Thansgiving for next week! Great post Anne Marie. So much to be thankful for. Words and communication are a good one to be grateful for. Not that they don't get people into trouble sometimes. I love that reading nook, BTW.
Thanks, Julie. �� I'm blessed with wonderful friends.
I'm thankful to you, Anne Marie for all of your hard work. And I am so thankful for the friendship of the authors here. I can't imagine the cold, bleak days before I met all of you! :)

I am also thankful for Stove Top stuffing. (shhh, you never heard me say that!)
Rita said…
Hugs and thanks to all. Anne when I saw that photo I thought it was your house. I'm reading legal stuff and IRS forms. Sooo much fun.
Marcelle Dubé said…
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I'm beta reading a supernatural suspense by a writing colleague, and thoroughly enjoying myself.
Toni, isn't that reading nook great?! :)

Maureen - aw, thanks. I'm happy to help out. And I agree, this business would be so cold and lonely without fellow writers to liven it up!
Rita! Stop that right now. Set the legal forms down and pick up a good book. I command you. LOL

Marcelle, that sounds wonderful! You're helping out a friend AND enjoying yourself. I'm sure your friend is grateful. :)
Shirley Wells said…
Oh, I need that reading nook. It is gorgeous!

I'm thankful to you, Anne Marie, for swapping days with me. ;) And I'm thankful to have my internet back. Yay.

The ability to communicate and connect is a great thing to be thankful for.

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